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"Life coaching with Energy Exchange is about having meaningful and powerful conversations."

~ Holly Beavers


Holly will start an initial session with a free introductory call that is between 20 and 30 minutes. The purpose is to start an open dialogue to get to know a little about each other and to begin to discuss what you would like to talk about. 


We can talk about literally anything! We can discuss what is going on with you from a

day to day perspective, a goal you might have, a big dream that seems out of reach,

your health and wellness or anything else that may come up for you.

The possibilities are endless!


The intention for each conversation is to leave you with a  feeling of completeness.



Holly and I swapped life coaching sessions at a very transitional time in my life. She was so grounded and insightful in her questions back at me. I so appreciate how listened when I needed to vent and how she led me to find the answers I needed to continue on my journey.


After working with Holly at Energy Exchange I was amazed. She is personable, friendly and easy to work with. She is genuine and real. I went to her with a question and we started talking. She listened, acknowledged and met me where I was. She was not out to instruct, but rather to counsel and guide. She has a way of making herself available and accessible, and it is easy to talk to her.


Holly Beavers, Found of Energy Exchange, is a Certified Life Coach.

60 Minute Coaching Session   ~ $120

This is a great way to revamp an idea you have or jump start you for whatever it is you are striving for or need a reboot. Each session includes 15 minutes of prep work for Energy Exchange to review previous coaching and 15 minutes of conclusion work with an email to you outlining our discussion. 


All coaching sessions can be done in person or over the phone. 

Energy Exchange can always make a combination of

Yoga, Reiki or Life Coaching in your session(s).

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