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"Where energy goes, Reiki flows!"

~ Holly Beavers

Reiki is the practice of moving the body's natural energy by placing hands on or around the body. It is used for creating wellness, healing, and promoting positive energy.  


The practitioner senses and awakens energy, directing and often realigning it, creating wholehearted wellness. 


Reiki can be used to calm and focus mental and physical sensations in your mind, body, and soul.


Reiki can be experienced and is available to all people. 

"There is energy in all things and energy is physics, there is a

science in all things we know and do not know."  

~ Holly Beavers



It was a typically busy day off, the ones where kids are in school and it's the only day to get banking, shopping, cleaning done etc done. I was so busy but I had also planned a first time session of Reiki with Holly, and after weeks of trying found an hour in my schedule to make a little me time.

      I am so glad I did.  She was warm and welcoming from the moment I walked in. She did ask about any ailments/laments making it clear I only had to giver her as much information as I was comfortable with. She was so present and I could sense her loving energy I kind of got emotional which I wasn't expecting.

     During the Reiki session I felt warmth throughout my body and I could sense the degree to which she was working. I must have had a lot of blockages. I felt calm and relaxed for the rest of the day  not hurried at all despite the rest of the day I had ahead of me. I felt a shift in my attitude for several weeks after too. I was positive and energetic.

      As the seasons are again changing and with it a shift in my energy, I think I might need to book another session with Holly.


In the midst of today and all the hustle and bustle of the world, it’s common and easy to get out of wack. We experience this in tight muscles, sore tendons, insomnia, illnesses and more. Reiki is an understanding of the body’s energies and a form of energy healing.

     Reiki and energy work is subtle; it’s not all bells and whistles. It’s almost like a state of mind. You may not be able to see energy, but you can feel it. Just as you can feel when you are unbalanced, Holly can see the causes and under her gentle guidance she is able to move energy back into their proper positions. This leads to balance and grounding, which helps the body naturally realign itself.

     Holly has used Reiki on me several times to help with everything from sore tendons to an upset stomach. She has also helped me to come in touch with some deep emotions I did not know were there.

      I would highly recommend a Reiki session with Holly.
Try it, you will be happily fulfilled and content.


Holly Beavers, Found of Energy Exchange, is a Master Reiki Practitioner.


60 Minute Reiki Sessions  ~ $90


The session will start by discussing where you are physically and emotionally and how you would like to feel after the seesion is complete.  We will wrap up with discussing what intuitively was seen and heard.

Sessions are held at Holly's home office or for a small fee, in the pleasure of your own home or vacation space. 

Energy Exchange can always make a combination of

Yoga, Reiki or Life Coaching in your session(s).


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