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"My inspiration is to create movement with breath and flow so others can be the best version of themselves!"

~ Holly Beavers

As a Certified Registered Yoga TeacherHolly provides private, individual and group yoga sessions. She specializes in Power, Yinyasa, Yin, Thai, Prenatal, Restorative and offers any other type of yoga that you may want. Including Goat Yoga!


Holly can also lead individual and group guided mindfulness and meditation.


Your session will be customized to what suits you best!


Fine tune your practice with dedicated hands on guidance.


Gather your friends and practice together with a seasoned instructor.


Fill your souls and tone your body while you celebrate your friend's new adventure!

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Revolution Power Yoga

Power Yoga | Mondays 12pm

YOD: Yoga & HIIT | Wednesdays 12pm

YOD: Yoga & HIIT | Fridays 8:30am

Goat Yoga at the Vail Stables*

Most Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays
8:30am throughout the
summer  *Occasional other days and weekend


Yoga Class

Vinyasa Flow


YOD Yoga

Child's Pose



Thai Yoga

Yoga Class

Yin Yoga

Pregnant Woman Practicing Yoga



Holly's enthusiasm for yoga is contagious and guaranteed to generate a fun class.  Her vast knowledge of yoga, her life experiences, and her shining spirit with her calm presence, make her an exceptional instructor. 


I was looking for a yoga instructor who would simply take me as I am. I feel very grateful that I found Holly!  She did just that, giving me breaks when I needed them, laughing with me--not at me!  I felt 100% comfortable at all times.  This despite the fact that I came to understand yoga as one of the most challenging physical activities I ever pursued.  I am a 57 year old menopausal women. I don't exactly look like all the people I've see doing yoga!  Holly was there with me, helping me find poses that would help my poor back!  Poses that would not strain my shoulders or knees.  (I've had 2 rotator cuff surgeries and 2 ACL's). Holly has a gift, if you ask me.  I can only imagine how awesome she'd be with someone who doesn't have some challenges!  Holly helped me so much. I'm grateful for her.


60 Minute Private Yoga Sessions  ~ $90 

Energy Exchange can always make a combination of

Yoga, Intuitive Reiki or Wellness Coaching in your session(s).

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